Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dreamless, Starcrossed, Book 2

Author: Josephine Angelini
Year: 2012
Publisher:  Harper Teen
Pages: 487 pages

This book picks up not long after the events of Starcrossed. Now the Scions know that Helen is the only one of them able to descend into the Underworld. So, each night Helen goes down into the Underworld searching for an answer to end the feuding between the Scion families. But the daily trips into the Underworld are hard on Helen and are eroding her health. On top of that, she no  longer has Lucas' support. Then, she meets Orion in the Underworld. Orion is a Scion also and he becomes Helen's support and protector.

It's not often that I say that I loved a sequel (especially a middle book in a trilogy sequel) as much as I did the first book but I most certainly did here. Angelini did a wonderful job of continuing her story, expanding the mythology and carrying me away. I love this series, the Greek mythology and all the characters. I found myself laughing to myself at points because Angelini used phrases that I remember reading myself in the Greek poems that these stories rely on. My only complaint is that there were a number of what I'm going to call printing errors in this book. They usually showed up as missing words in sentences. Not something that would be Angelini's fault but that of people at the publishing house who should have proofread it better. 


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