Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blue Moon, The Immortals, Book 2

Author:  Alyson Noel
Year: 2009
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin
Pages: 284

Blue Moon picks up the story of Ever Bloom just weeks after the events of Evermore. Damen is teaching Ever the ways and talents of the immortals and how to use her new powers. But then he starts showing signs of sickness and his powers are weakening. Then his memory goes. Ever finds herself searching for a way to save Damen. She goes to Summerland where she learns of Damen's past and a way to possibly save him but she has a short window of opportunity and is tempted with the possibility of turning back time and saving her family.

I kind of like this series. It's not the most awesome series ever but it's entertaining and Blue Moon  was a definite improvement over Evermore so I'm hopeful that the books will continue to get better. I like the way Alyson Noel is letting the readers in one the background a little at a time and slowly expanding the world of the immortals. I'll definitely keep reading the series. It's not one that I'll rush out and buy but I will pick the books up as I come across them at used book stores.


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