About Mel

I'm an avid book reader trying to work my way through a pile of books high as the sky.  Yet, no matter how much I read, the stack keeps getting higher. I don't intend for this blog to be critical reviews on books. Instead, I'm just trying to share with others what books I'm enjoying right now and encourage them to give the books a try. If I'm lucky, I'll make a couple of new friends along the way who share my love of books.

My Rating System:

Stay up all night reading it right now

Read it pretty soon

Definitely worth a read

Read it someday

You might enjoy it


  1. Hi Melissa, Your site is great! Thanks for your comment on my blog http://misspossumbooklove.blogspot.com.au/, (whoops so sorry, I thought it was another Melissa I know!).

    I love your 'my thoughts' section, very pithy and punchy - I look forward to more.