Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blue Bloods, Book 1

Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Year: 2006
Publisher:  Hyperion
Pages: 302

So, this book has been sitting in my TBR pile for an eternity. It's a vampire novel. I originally picked it up because I thought the premise of the original settlers to America being vampires was unique. These vampires are called Blue Bloods and they came to America to start over. The book focuses around Schuyler Van Alen who attends a rich private school in New York. The vampires of Blue Bloods don't know they're vampires until their teen years. At which time their abilities start manifesting and they remember their past lives. Interesting concept, right? I'm not too sure that it worked for me. I had a hard time paying attention during the first half of the novel but it slowly pulled me in to where by the end of the novel, I was into the story and liking it but I still wasn't sure I would continue with the series. Then there was that completely unresolved ending! Guess I'll be keeping an eye out for the second book in the used book stores.


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