Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shadow of Night: All Souls Trilogy, Book 2

Author: Deborah Harkness
Year: 2012
Publisher: Viking
Pages: 577

Shadow of Night picks up where A Discovery of Witches ended with Diana and Matthew stepping back into Elizabethan England to search for a witch to teach Diana and for the missing Ashmole 782 manuscript. There Matthew and Diana interact with Matthew's friends from the mysterious Shadow of Night group which is a Who's Who list of Elizabethan England. 

Well, I did manage to contain myself and take an entire 2 1/2 days to reach this book instead of reading it in one sitting like I did A Discovery of Witches. I loved this book. I liked the meetings with the historical figures. I thought Harkness did a great job of describing what living in that time period would be like for a modern day girl. Speech, writing and just carrying on a conversation with other people took some getting used to for Diana. Yes, we all know about the dangers of disrupting the space-time continuum and how we must beware of any actions we  make in the past because of how they might disrupt the future but I really don't analyze my books that much. I'm interested in a good story and Harkness provided that. Matthew and Diana's relationship continued to grow stronger. We are introduced to some new characters and still get to see a little bit of what's going on with our old favorites back in the modern timeline.

A funny aside, I was trying to describe this book to a friend of mine and found it almost impossible to classify into a specific genre - there's time travel (fantasy?), romance, historical, paranormal . . . Finally, I told her that it was in the same class as the Outlander books. 

Does anybody know when the third book will be out?


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