Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Demonglass: Hex Hall, Book 2

Author: Rachel Hawkins
Year: 2011
Publisher: Hyperion New York
Pages: 359

After learning her powers aren't exactly what she thought the were, Sophie Mercer decides to go to London with her father and have the Removal performed to take away her powers. But when she gets to London, Sophie learns that there are other demons out there asides from herself and her father. In fact, it looks like somebody has been raising demons in secret in preparation for a war. On top of that, The Eye is using Sophie's old crush, Archer Cross, to hunt her down. 

I liked this book a lot! It expanded the world from the first book. Sophie got a chance to grow and make decisions (some good, some bad) and she got to build a relationship with her father. She also started learning how to embrace her magic. But I would have liked to have seen more Cal. He sounds like my kind of man.

Now if I can just get lucky and my library have the third book.  :)


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