Thursday, July 5, 2012

The End of the Affair

Author:  Graham Greene
Narrator: Colin Firth
Publisher: Audible, Inc. (2012 audiobook)

This is the story of an affair between Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles set just after World War II. Their affair ends abruptly during World War II after an explosion in Maurice's apartment. After the war ends, Maurice's path crosses with Sarah's husband, Henry, and the couple is reconnected (of sorts). Maurice ends up hiring a private investigator to follow Sarah and find out what she's currently up to and, if in fact, she's having an affair with someone else. 

I purchased this audiobook from Audible based solely on the fact that Colin Firth was narrating it. What a wonderful narrator he is! I loved every second of listening to it. Firth has perfect inflections and emotions and the book just came alive with his narration. The story ends up becoming an introspection on love, hate, Catholicism and God. There's some pretty heavy stuff there that I don't know for sure that I would have been able to stick through on reading it from an actual book. But with Firth's narration, I was enthralled. I could feel Maurice's emotions - his love, his hate and his anger. 

I highly recommend this audiobook.


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