Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wither and Fever: Books 1 and 2 of The Chemical Garden Trilogy

Author: Lauren DeStefano
Years:  2011 and 2012
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

Rhine Ellery lives in a world where genetic engineering has caused every newborn child to have a short live (boys die at 25, girls at 20). Girls are kidnapped and taken to be wives for rich men so that they can have more children. At 16, Rhine is one of these girls. Yet, the entire time she is there and is a sister wive, Rhine thinks only of escape. 

First off, these books have awesome covers. They're haunting.  Secondly, this is a fairly original concept for YA literature. The books aren't heart-pounding, edge of your seat reads but they're hypnotizing. DeStefano is a beautiful writer and the books are almost poetic at times. Most of the time, I know where an author is going by the time I finish the second book of a trilogy but this time, I have no idea. I have some clues and nigglings of ideas in my head but there isn't a set or defined goal for Rhine except for finding her brother. What she plans to do once she finds him, I have no clue. Or maybe just finding her brother and reuniting with him is the plan? 


  1. I really liked Wither. I thought Fever was okay, but it was too depressing for me. Plus I'm not a fan of Gabriel. New follower!