Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Switched, Torn and Ascend

Author:  Amanda Hocking
Years: 2010-2012
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin

Wendy Everly always knew there was something a little bit different about her - asides from the fact that her mother tried to kill her on her sixth birthday exclaiming the entire time that Wendy wasn't her child. Turns out her mother was right. Wendy was actually a changeling placed there by the trylle or trolls. Not only is Wendy a troll, but she's the princess. The two troll kingdoms are at war and Wendy is being used as a pawn in the war. On top of that, Wendy has to choose between three wonderful, handsome guys. 

Overall, I liked this series. It's the only book I've read so far featuring trolls. Wendy was a strong character and all three of her love choices were terrific. None of the guys ended up being horrible to help her make her choice. But things ended up right with the happily, ever after. It was very romantic. On the downside, Hocking's writing is just OK. There's no fantastic beauty or poetry to her words, she just tells a story. 


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