Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Author:  Alethea Kontis
Year: 2012
Publisher:  Harcourt

Sunday is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter - all named after days of the week. Her greatest joy comes in writing stories; however, Sunday's stories tend to come true so she only writes about things that have already happened. One day while writing, she  meets an enchanted frog who listens to her stories and the two become friends. Each day as Sunday leaves him, she kisses him. One night, when she kisses him, unbeknownst to Sunday, he turns back to into the prince - the exact prince that her family hates. 

This story was chock full of sweet, sugary goodness. It was all romance and love. There was never any doubt that the prince loved Sunday and that Sunday loved him. My favorite part of the story was how the author threw nearly every fairy tale in the canon into the book. She also had lots of different, subtle differences in the fairy tales to make them fit her story. It was a very creative and sweet story.


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