Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Lost Hero: The Heroes of Olympus, Book One

Author: Rick Riordan
Year:  2010
Publisher: Disney Hyperion Books

Jason, Piper and Leo are all students at a Wilderness School for problem kids when monsters attack and they end up at Camp Half-Blood and learn that they're all three demigods. Leo's great with mechanical things and can control fire, Piper's smart and beautiful and can talk anybody into anything (literally - it's one of her gifts) and Jason, well, Jason doesn't remember who he is. Then the three of them must go out on a quest to rescue Hera.

I liked the way that Riordan tied this this story line in with the Percy Jackson series (and it looks like I'm going to get to see more of Percy in the next book -yay!) but kept it on it's on. I liked Jason a lot - maybe even a bit more than Percy. He's definitely up there with him. I like tying the Roman and Greek gods together. Plus, I'm a sucker for mythology stories and interpretations. Most definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.


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