Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Author:  Georgette Heyer
Year:  2010
Publisher:  Naxos Audiobooks
Narrator:  Richard Armitage

Goodreads Summary:
At five-and-twenty, Venetia Lanyon despairs of ever meeting the handsome hero of her romantic dreams. Then her long-absent neighbor, Lord Damerel, returns home to Yorkshire. An infamous rake, he is the most scandalous man in all of England and he has set his amorous sights on the lovely Venetia.
Determined to woo and win the fair Venetia, Lord Damerel pursues her with a passionate abandon that is soon the talk of the town. But Venetia has no intention of losing her heart to the rakish lord until she is sure that beneath his swashbuckling ways and shocking manners lies a tender heart belonging to her.

I confess:  I bought this audiobook solely because it was  narrated by Richard Armitage. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want Richard Armitage reading a romance story to them? I know it made my day. And I loved this audiobook. It was a fun, classic regency romance. I laughed out loud in parts. Other times, I felt for the position that Venetia and Lord Damerel were in. The entire time, I was so pulling for everything to work out for them. My only complaint is that this was an abridged audiobook. I would have loved an unabridged version.


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