Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Discovery of Witches

Author: Deborah Harkness
Year:  2011
Publisher: Viking

Diana Bishop comes from a long line of power witches. After her parents are killed when she's a child, Diana decides to not use her magic and becomes a history scholar. While studying at Oxford, Diana meets a vampire named Matthew Clairmont and the attraction is instantaneous. Diana also calls up an ancient manuscript from the library that has been lost for centuries. Not realizing it's power, she sends it back to the stacks but not before word gets out and a slew of vampires, witches and daemons are after Diana and the secrets they think she knows. Her only protection from these creatures is Matthew; but, their romance is forbidden and causes even more problems for Diana and Matthew.

I loved this book. It was intellectual. There was so much fun and interesting history. The characters were great. I may be a little in love with Matthew. He's definitely at the top of my favorite vampire list. I think Harkness' writing was terrific. This book reminded me a lot of The Historian but it was much more romantic and the characters are easier to identify with.  


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