Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Author:  Marie Lu
Year: 2011
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons

Fifteen year old June is a prodigy in the Republic - an area once known as the western coast of the United States. She's quickly making her way up the  military ranks and destined to be a star. Day is her exact opposite. He's a renegade and the Republic's most wanted criminal. Then, one day June's brother is murdered and  Day is the prime suspect. This leads June on a personal mission to find and capture Day; but, once she does, she learns that they might not be as different as they seem and Day just might not be the hardened criminal he's painted as.

My sister ordered me to read this book right now. She told me it was wonderful and unputdownable. She described it as part The Hunger Games, part Divergent and then a little something else. She was right. It's a great book. It has those echoes of YA dystopian literature that's so popular right now but it's different. This book is told in alternating viewpoints between June and Day and it works better than almost any book I've read that switches narrators. In the physical sense, the font changes with the characters so it makes it easier to make that mental switch because you actually see the change. June and Day are well developed and very sympathetic. Even if you are tired of all the dystopian literature, read this one. It's worth it.


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