Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wesley Smith is an English professor at an average college in America. As his girlfriend breaks up with him, she grabs the book he's reading out of his hands, tosses it across the room and asks him why he can't read off the computer like everyone else. Out of spite, Wesley buys a Kindle but his Kindle isn't normal. First of all, it's pink. Secondly, it gives him access to much more information than he imagined. 

UR is the most recent short story/novella by Stephen King. Leave it to Stephen King to take a normally harmless everyday gadget and make it wicked (Christine, anyone?). This short story was narrated by Holter Graham and he did a pretty good job. It wasn't outstanding or terrific but it wasn't bad either. That's about my description of the book. I became addicted to Stephen King's stories at one point in my life and found his horror stories to be mesmerizing; however, it seems as if his stories have lost that it quality that they had before. I think the main reason is King doesn't really write horror stories anymore. It's kind of freaky to think that I could order a Kindle that would access different worlds but it's not that "I've got to stop reading because I'm too scared to go any further" type of scary. Guess I'll get off my soapbox now.

UR is a good short story just don't expect to be scared.

Story One in the Short Story Reading Challenge.


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