Thursday, March 11, 2010


Coraline is an explorer and after she and her family move to a new house, Coraline finds a door that leads to a secret pathway to another house. This other house is eerily similar to Coraline's new house, it even has another mother and father. The problem is they want Coraline to stay there and be their daughter and to make sure she does, they have kidnapped her real parents.

I have heard a lot about this graphic novel and even started the movie once but I never finished it. Then I bought the book on an impulse buy the other day and I'm really glad I did. It's a wonderfully drawn book and at times it was downright scary. I was surprised at how much fear could be conveyed in so few words and pictures. At the same time, there were parts that were absolutely hilarious (most of those involved a cat). Anybody read Gaiman's Sandman? I'm thinking of adding it to my "books to read" stack.

Book Four in the Graphic Novels Challenge.


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