Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Last Olympian: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book Five

Also known as the last book. The Last Olympian finds Percy and his friends fighting the battle of their lives. The Titans have risen and are making their march on Mount Olympus. The gods are fighting battles elsewhere and the demigods are left to protect Olympus and Manhattan on their own. If Percy and his friends are not able to save Mount Olympus, then there will be dire consequences not only for the gods but also for the mortal world and all of humanity.

I have flown through these books. And I must admit, they're not Harry Potter (but very few books are). But I did enjoy them greatly. They were fun. I loved all the mythological stuff and imaging what the gods' personalities would have been like in today's world. And I had to see how that darn prophecy was going to unfold. I also appreciated the way Riordan brought more personality to the minor characters in comparison to most authors. He also allowed them to play important parts and didn't always have his hero be the hero of the story. It kind of gives the little nerdy kid with glasses that everybody picks on hope that, even though he's not the star, he could save the day.

I think Rick Riordan did a wonderful job with these stories and I want more of them. 

Book Eight in the 101 Fantasy Challenge.


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