Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Battle of the Labyrinth: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Book Four

In the fourth Percy Jackson book, the great battle between the Olympians and the Titans is drawing near. A weakness in Camp Half-Blood's magical borders has been discovered. Once again, in order to protect the camp, Percy and his friends must embark on a dangerous quest. This time, they need to solve the mystery of Daedalus' labyrinth buried deep underground in order to find the help they need. Oh, and manage to avoid all the deadly traps and monsters protecting the labyrinth.

Each one of the Percy Jackson books is better than the one before it. I consider that to be a good sign when the author keeps improving on his prior work. I like the way that Rick Riordan develops the main characters more in each book but at the same time introduces new characters that, although we never really get to know them, we see enough of them to empathize with them and care when something bad happens to them. I must admit, I am hooked on this series and a little sad that there is only one more book and then I'm done. On the other hand, I hate that I have to work tomorrow and can't spend the morning reading that last book and finding out if Percy fulfills the prophecy (wonder if Percy will manage to fulfill the prophecy yet live the same way that Harry Potter did?).

Book Seven in the 101 Fantasy Challenge. 


  1. You're ahead of me now. I had to put the Percy series down for a bit. But, I read a chapter here and there every once in a while. And, I agree that Riordan's writing and pacing improves with every book. I'm really excited about his upcoming series too!

  2. I borrowed the books from a friend and another friend is waiting on me to finish so that she can borrow the books so that put a little pressure on me to get the books read. I may just finish the last book tonight. I'm to the point where I need to know what's going to happen. I'm excited about the new series also. I know very little about the Egyptian gods (I just know what I've learned from Lost).