Monday, February 8, 2010

The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity

Tommy Taylor's dad, Wilson, wrote a series of successful fantasy books a lot like Harry Potter and used his son, Tommy, as the main character. Then, one day, Wilson Taylor disappeared. Since that time, Tommy has been making the convention rounds and living off the fame created for him by his dad. Fans fall at his feet considering him to be the boy wizard of the books.

The Unwritten is a joint effort of Mike Carey and Peter Gross. You'll have to forgive me here because I'm not quite sure how to review a graphic novel. I don't  know how I should judge or anything like that so I'll just tell you what I liked about it. I loved the way there was so much literature in this graphic novel. I'm not talking about it being literature in of itself, I'm talking about it referencing back to literature and literature history. There's Samuel Clemens, Oscar Wilde, Rudyard Kipling, references to novels are scattered all the way through the story. It makes me feel like a worm in a bookstore. I laughed at the conventions because I've seen (and maybe been) some of those rapid fans. I was also impressed with artwork. At times, I found myself just studying some of the pictures because of all the wonderful graphics and places where pictures where words were hidden. I can't wait until Volume 2 comes out. From my research, I can't even find where the second volume has been started, it may be a long wait.

Book 1 in the Graphic Novels Challenge.


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