Saturday, February 27, 2010

Supernatural: Rising Son

This comic is a prequel to the TV series. It follows John Winchester as he is on the road hunting demons and decides to let his children, specifically Dean, in on what he is really doing every day and begins training them to follow in the family business. I enjoyed this comic a lot. I love Supernatural (although it is one of the TV shows that I watch on DVD so I am always a season behind). In this comic, we see the boys becoming hunters. John Winchester is becoming suspicious of exactly who, or what, Sam might be. It also shows the beginning of Dean's need to protect Sam. Lilith also rears her head in this comic but, for some reason, I didn't think the Winchester boys knew who she was when she appeared on the show but maybe I was wrong. The comic wasn't particularly earth-shattering but it was fun and I can never get enough of the Winchesters.

Book Two of the Graphic Novel Challenge


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