Monday, February 8, 2010

Something From the Nightside, Nightside Book 1

John Taylor is a private eye with a special Gift - he can find anything. It's a gift that came from his mother who deserted him as a child. Taylor lives in London but he he was born in Nightside a secret side of London that kind of shares the same space as London but is a totally different, magical world. In the Nightside everything is magical, dangerous and enchanting. Taylor left the Nightside five years earlier and swore he would never return but now Joanna Barrett has appeared on his doorstep and asked him to hunt down her runaway daughter who has disappeared in the Nightside.

I totally loved this first book in the series by Simon Green. I listened to it on audiobook and it was just wonderful. It was fun, lots of magic and mystery, a good basis for the beginning of a series. There's lots of room for the characters to grow and expand. The Nightside is still a world of complete mystery as Simon Green just introduced to it. Marc Vietor narrated the book and he did really good. Although, for some reason, he had me thinking of Harry Dresden the entire time I was listening to the book. Now, when am I going to work the rest of the series into my to be read stack?

Book 3 in the 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge.


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