Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Darke Toad

Author: Angie Sage
Series: Septimus Heap, Book 1.5
Year: 2013
Publisher:  Katherine Tegan Books
Pages: 96

Goodreads Summary:
The evil Dom Daniel is up to something with the Port Witch Coven, and he needs Simon Heap’s help. Is Simon ready to do his master’s bidding? And in the state that Dom Daniel is in, how will he fare against the nasty—and ever entertaining—Port Witch Coven?
A novella that takes places between the stories told in MAGYK and FLYTE.

This little novella got snuck out on me. I had no clue the author was going to release one. This is one of my favorite series out there. It's very fun and inventive. The author does a great job of playing on spelling of words. And it's a smart series. I appreciate this little snack to tide me over until the next book's release. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it went back in time to between the first and second books. I would have loved one where the series stands right now.


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