Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Graphic Novel Challenge 2013

As any regular readers of my blog know, I do tend to read quite a few graphic novels but I would like to branch out some in my graphic novel reading. Thus, I am going to join the Graphic Novel Challenge 2013. I am going to try and stretch myself to read 24 graphic novels which will be a lot for me. But, more importantly, I'm going to aim for the advanced game play wherein I try to read different types of graphic novels. The breakdown is as follows:

1. manga
2. superhero
3. classic adaptation (a classic work adapted into the graphic format)
4. memoir
5. fantasy
6. translated from a foreign language
7. a single-issue comic book
8. science-fiction
9. crime or mystery
10. fairytale or mythology (true to the original or fractured, such as Fables series)
11. children's book (specifically written for children)
12. anthology (a collection of short stories by different authors/artists)

If you'd like to join in, you can go to this link.

I've never read a lot of these categories so it will definitely be fun and challenging. You'll be able to keep up with my progress on my 2013 Challenges page. 


  1. Hi Melissa! Welcome to the Graphic Novels Challenge! Hope you have fun.

    For book suggestions spend some time looking through the links from previous months/years. There have been a lot of books reviewed for the challenge over the years!