Sunday, November 10, 2013

Love Evolution

Author:  Michelle Mankin
Series:  Black Cat Records, Book 1
Year:  2012
Publisher:  Self
Pages:  207

Goodreads Description:
Nineteen year old Avery Jones can play the guitar as well as any guy. Better Even.
Brutal Strength, one of the biggest bands around, needs a new lead guitarist.
Seems like the perfect fit, except for one big problem. Temperamental lead singer Marcus Anthony won't allow a woman in his band.
Read Love Evolution, a rock 'n roll adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

When I first started this book, I didn't think I was going to be able to read it at all as there were just too many cliches and flowery descriptions of everything. It just wasn't cutting it for me. But then the book hit it's stride for a little bit and was quite enjoyable.  Then the ending was a little jumbled and and just OK. It was a quick read and a fun little romance. I don't think any of the problems with the book weren't something that a really good editor couldn't clean up and make work.


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