Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kill Shakespeare, Volume 2

Author:  Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col
Illustrator:  Andy Belanger
Year:  2012
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
Pages:  148

Goodreads Description:
And so the curtain falls... Hamlet, Juliet, and Shakespeare all facing death. Can Othello rally the Prodigals to defeat Richard and Lady Macbeth's now-fractured army? But even if he does, will anyone be left alive to celebrate victory? The critically acclaimed series ends its first run in this second volume collection.

This is a fun little graphic novel series. I love the idea of all Shakespeare's characters being alive and waging a battle. I like the way the authors kept some of the basic personality of Shakespeare's characters but still expanded and made them different (yes, I'm talking about you, Juliet). I do feel like certain parts of the story could have been better developed but overall, it's a fun series.


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