Sunday, November 18, 2012

YallFest 2012

Last weekend my sister and I made it over to YallFest in Charleston, South Carolina. Unfortunately, I've been super sick ever since we got back and am just now getting around to sharing some of my pictures. We had a wonderful time and met some terrific people. Thanks to a little help from other avid book lovers, we were able to get almost all of our books signed. Yay! And thanks to the girls who helped us go through multiple lines at once. One of my favorite things from the weekend was meeting Stephanie Perkins and Deborah Harkness. Both were absolutely wonderful (as were most all of the authors) but these two felt like they were the type of girls you'd love to hang with. Stephanie Perkins would make any night out fun and Deborah Harkness would provide the most scintillating conversation.

Now for some pictures! Sorry they're so randomly placed but me and blogger placement don't get along.

Me and the fabulous Deborah Harkness.
Stephanie Perkins and me.

A chocolate caramel cupcake from Cupcake!
Me and Carrie Ryan
Diana Peterfreud


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