Saturday, June 26, 2010

Y: The Last Man: Volume 1: Unmanned

A mysterious plague destroys every male on the planet - human, mammal, sperm or otherwise - except for Yorick and his male pet monkey. Nobody knows why or how just that a lot of women are left behind to pick up the pieces. Now, a mysterious Agent is left to protect Yorick from extremists wanting to kill him and at the same time help find the answer as to why he was the only male left alive. 

I really like the premise of this storyline and there were a couple of parts in this first volume that really got to me. Mainly that was parts where it was talking about just what would be lost in this world if we lost every male on earth. It's very well drawn although I must admit I'm pretty sure the artist was drawing for men as most of the women are fairly scantily clad. I guess that's to be expected in graphic novels (Watchmen anyone?).  This volume really just sets the stage for the books to come. Guess I need to head over to Amazon and see how much they cost.

Book 6 in the Graphic Novels Challenge.


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