Saturday, June 26, 2010

Agents of Light and Darkness: Nightside, Book 2

Angels have invaded the Nightside. Angels from both above and below; and they're searching for something. As luck would have it, John Taylor is searching for the same item. And, he needs to find it before either set of angels finds it. If he doesn't then there could be serious consequences for the entire world - Armageddon type consequences.

I listened to this book a couple of weeks ago (I'm a wee bit behind on my blogging). It's a fairly short listen but it's a good listen. This is just the second book in this series that I have listened to but both books drew me in and kept me very interested in them. The narrator is very good.  I was also surprised at the deeper meaning that the author put in this book. It definitely gave me something to think about. 


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