Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Red Pyramid: The Kane Chronicles: Book 1

Carter and Sadie Kane are brother and sister; yet, they hardly know each other. Since their mother's death, Sadie has lived with their grandparents in London while Carter globetrotted around the world with their Egyptologist father. Then, on a Christmas Eve trip to the British Museum with their father, Sadie and Carter's lives are turned completely upside down. Now Carter and Sadie must deal with Egyptian gods meddling in their lives and find a way to defeat the most evil of Egyptian gods, Set, in order to save their father.

Rick Riordan uses both children as narrators in this book and I found it to be an interesting storytelling device; although I would sometimes get confused as to who was telling the story at times.There is a whole plethora of characters introduced along with various stories about their backgrounds and at times that can get confusing. But I think a lot of that exposition is necessary just because as a whole, we (the general public) know less about Egyptian mythology than Greek mythology so we've got to be educated. Overall, it's a very good story, well told with lots of action. This book is a lot like the later Percy Jackson books except it deals with Egyptian gods instead of Greek gods; so, if you're a Percy Jackson fan, it's a must read. In truth, there's a chance I might end up liking this series better than Percy Jackson.


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