Sunday, May 9, 2010

9 Dragons

In Michael Connelly's latest Harry Bosch novel, Harry faces his most emotional case ever. While investigating the murder of a Chinese store owner, Harry brings in a local Chinese gang member as his suspect. At the time he brings the suspect, his daughter is kidnapped all the way over in Hong Kong where she lives with her mother. Harry rushes to Hong Kong to chase down his daughter and bring her home.

I love the Harry Bosch books and have been reading them for a long time. Each year I look forward to the new book in two series: Harry Bosch and Stephanie Plum. And this book was no exception - I loved it. And I was surprised by it. It wasn't so much the mystery that surprised but the emotion that this book had in it. When Harry Bosch's daughter gets kidnapped, the reader gets to see a side of Harry that I don't recall ever seeing. He's emotional, determined and a man on a mission. Oh, and I cried in a Harry Bosch book! It wasn't just a little tearing up either, it was straight out bawling. I couldn't believe it when that happened. 

I listened to this book. It was narrated by Len Cariou who does a good job reading the books and bringing the characters to life although I did sometimes feel that Harry's daughter's voice was a little off. 



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