Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Scorpio Races

Author:  Maggie Stiefvater
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Scholastic Audio
Narrators:  Steve West & Fiona Hardingham

Goodreads Summary:
It happens at the start of every November: the Scorpio Races. Riders attempt to keep hold of their water horses long enough to make it to the finish line. Some riders live. Others die.
At age nineteen, Sean Kendrick is the returning champion. He is a young man of few words, and if he has any fears, he keeps them buried deep, where no one else can see them.
Puck Connolly is different. She never meant to ride in the Scorpio Races. But fate hasn’t given her much of a chance. So she enters the competition — the first girl ever to do so. She is in no way prepared for what is going to happen.

I've always been on the fence with Maggie Stiefvater. I loved Shiver but never have been able to get into The Raven Boys (although I haven't given up on it). I'm not really sure why I bought this audiobook but I am so glad I did. This, by far, is the best Stiefvater book I've come across. It's just a beautiful tale and absolutely magical. Stiefvator brought the island to life and I could feel the island air. Puck and Sean were awesome characters and their story was a real romance. It was funny because I wasn't sure how to describe the love story and then at the end of the audiobook there was an interview with the author where she described Sean as a "Mr. Darcy" and I thought that it was the perfect description. He was quiet and dark and brooding but in the end loved fiercely. I was sorry to see this story end as I wanted more. But it was also quite perfect. 


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