Sunday, October 28, 2012

Royal Flush

Author: Rhys Bowen
Series: Her Royal Spyness, Book 3
Narrator: Katherine Kellgren
Year: 2010
Publisher: Berkley/Audible

Goodreads Description:
With its posh clientele in the country for the summer, Georgie's housecleaning business has fizzled. So she tries hiring herself out as a dinner-and-theatre companion. But her first client has quite the wrong idea. To avoid further scandal, Georgie's shipped home to Castle Rannoch, where her summer plans include honoring a promise to Her Majesty to keep Castle Rannoch's divorcée houseguest from seducing the Prince of Wales. She's also been coerced into helping Scotland Yard with a top-secret mission - namely keeping an eye on the shooting party at Balmoral and preventing someone from shooting the Prince. And Georgie must manage all this without strangling her odious sister-in-law Fig or spineless brother Binky.

I'm still loving this series. They're such fun and cute cozy mysteries. Bowen has done a wonderful job of growing the characters through each book and building on the relationships. Of course, I wish the relationship between Georgie and Darcy would move just wee bit faster  :)  Kellgren also does an excellent job on the narration.


  1. I liked the title then saw it was a book and I have to say I like the cover too. This may be one I have to read :)


  2. They're extremely cute. Plus, the author has a totally cool blog name - Rhys's Pieces.