Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Jury of Her Peers: American Women Writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx

A Jury of Her Peers is a comprehensive look at the history of American women writers from the founding of America to the modern times. It examines women writers and gives a thorough study of each writer but Elaine Showalter never overdoes it.  She seems to know that line between not enough information and too much information.  The book is basically a textbook but it makes very good reading.  I love reading about the history of women and the marks that women have made on history.  The stories of amazing things that other women have done over the years inspire me to do more with my life and make me feel that if they can do it, so can I. 


  1. I had a class at CSU about Western American Writers. I read some incredibly good books - Zitkala-Sa, would be just one example.

  2. I did some women's studies and women's literature classes at LaGrange that were great which is why I jumped on this book when I heard about it.