Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange is Melissa Marr's follow up to the book Wicked Lovely.  This book follows Leslie, one of Aislinn's best frinds, as she struggles to deal with her personal demons.  Leslie decides to get a tattoo to sybolize the changes she wants to have in her life.  When she sees the tattoo of a beautiful pair of wings in the tattoo shop, she knows that it's the one for her.  Little does she know the changes it will bring to her life.  For after she gets the tattoo, Leslie is bound to the Dark Court of the fearie that world that she knows nothing about.

Although Ink Exchange does move over and follow Leslie's introduction to the Fearie world, Keenan, Seth and Aislinn from the first book are there also in the background.  Marr also gives us new characters and allows the readers to see things from the point of the view of the Dark Court.  She allows us to see that the Dark Court isn't all evil and that there are shades of grey in everything. Now I'm off to read the next chapter to the series, Fragile Eternity.

This was book 1 in the 101 Fantasy Reading Challenge.


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