Friday, November 20, 2009


Specials is the third book in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy.  In this book, Tally and her best friend, Shay, have been transformed into Specials and made a new division of Special Circumstances called Cutters. This is a task force intended to hunt down and eradicate the New Smoke - their former friends.  But try as she might, Tally can't completely get rid of her fondness and love for the people in New Smoke or their cause.  So she is left to decide: embrace her new life as a Special and kill the New Smoke people or find away to take down the regime in charge of her City and start a new way of life for everybody.

I keep expecting the novelty of these books to wear off but it never does.  These books are well written, fast paced and intriguing.  Tally is a girl that is easy to identify with and to want to be.  I  had seen these books around the bookstores for a long time and thought they looked good but I never made that leap to picking them up and reading them.  Thanks to the Books on the Nighstand reading challenge and the Bart's Bookshelf reading challenge for giving me the incentive to finally pick them up and read them.  I'm glad I did.


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