Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sleep Donation

Author:  Karen Russell
Year: 2014
Publisher:  Atavist Books
Pages: 110

Goodreads Summary:

From the author of the New York Times bestseller Swamplandia!, and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, an imaginative and haunting novella about an insomnia epidemic set in the near future.
A crisis has swept America. Hundreds of thousands have lost the ability to sleep. Enter the Slumber Corps, an organization that urges healthy dreamers to donate sleep to an insomniac. Under the wealthy and enigmatic Storch brothers the Corps' reach has grown, with outposts in every major US city. Trish Edgewater, whose sister Dori was one of the first victims of the lethal insomnia, has spent the past seven years recruiting for the Corps. But Trish’s faith in the organization and in her own motives begins to falter when she is confronted by “Baby A,” the first universal sleep donor, and the mysterious "Donor Y."
Sleep Donation explores a world facing the end of sleep as we know it, where “Night Worlds” offer black market remedies to the desperate and sleep deprived, and where even the act of making a gift is not as simple as it appears.

This was a very interesting and enjoyable novella. I find it intriguing that there's a possibility of people dying from insomnia especially since I am a sufferer of insomnia. I loved the idea of donating sleep and found myself wishing that there was a way for me to get a sleep donation.


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