Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unwritten: Volume 3: Dead Man's Knock

Author: Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Year: 2011
Illustrator: Ryan Kelly
Publisher: Vertigo Comics

This is the third volume in The Unwritten series. It continues the story of Tommy Taylor and includes such adventures as the release of the new Tommy Taylor novel, Tommy's confrontation with this father and his discovery of more details about his purpose.

I continued to love this series. I like that way it blurs the line between fiction and reality and brings into question what is a story and what is not a story. I also love the references I see in the story to Harry Potter. I know it makes me sound like a huge fangirl but I get all giddy everytime I see a Harry Potter reference anywhere.

I think this series is a must for any lover of books.


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