Friday, November 26, 2010

The Reversal

Author:  Michael Connelly
Year:  2010
Narrator: Peter Giles

In this book, Michael Connelly combines Harry Bosch with Mickey Haller and I've got to say, the combination worked very well. Harry Bosch is probably my favorite series character and definitely my favorite detective/mystery character. In The Reversal, Mickey Haller joins the prosecution team to retry a man convicted of murder 20 years earlier but DNA evidence has now freed him. Mickey asks Harry to help him find the evidence to put the killer back in prison.

I liked the way this story contrasted the differences between Bosch and Haller but also brought out their similarities. Peter Giles is the perfect narrator for these books. 

I must say, I am continually impressed with Michael Connelly. Over the years, I have tired of almost every long term detective/thriller/mystery character except for Harry Bosch. Somehow, Connelly has managed to keep Harry the same but changing and growing. I forget just how much I love these books until I start reading them. In this case, I again found myself letting a Michael Connelly sit on my ipod for a long period of time and then kicking myself for not listening to it as soon as I got it.


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